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Doraemon Character, Museum,and Fact

Knight cat picture: Doraemon

For you fans of Doraemon figures, you can reminisce. Doraemon museum was established on the outskirts of Tokyo. The museum also displays the author, Fujiko F. Fujio. Both Fujiko and Doraemon is the inspiration for the animated film series and loved around the world. In the museum's collecting 50 thousand items, most of which is the original image Doraemon, and Fujio table that always used to work, until he died in 1996.

Museum building is also equipped with a small cinema and coffeshop. Doraemon was sent to the past to help a boy named Nobita in order not to fail in later life, and that his descendants to escape poverty. Doraemon sometimes use equipment from the future to solve the problem of Nobita. Many episodes of this cartoon series provides a valuable moral lesson.
Doraemon and Friends

"I personally believe that although the children in the whole world to read and enjoy Doraemon children, are still kids," said Fujio wife, Masako Fujimoto. Doraemon is translated down to the more than 30 languages ​​and is still popular today. Doraemon was selected as the cultural ambassador for Japan's cartoon in 2008.
doraemon doremi
Doraemon and Doremi

Here are some interesting facts about Doraemon:
  1. Doraemon name actually coined from two words, namely: Dora and Emon. Dora is a kind of a play of "Nora" is derived from "Nora-Neko" the stray cat. Emon is a traditional sort of postscript to the name of human or animal-sex male, for example, Ishikawa Goemon. Literally, the name Doraemon can mean "Stray male cat" (cat wild male). Dora could also mean "gong" (that's "Dora" is used in the name of the cake dorayaki). Although that's not the "Dora" is used in the name Doraemon, but it became a kind of pun, in which the body Doraemon is a round-round like a gong.
  2. Doraemon has a production code, ie, MS-903. This was the original name as a robot Doraemon, and by this name he was called by the owner of a robot factory where it was produced. This name is mentioned in the episode of Doraemon's anniversary in 2007.
  3. Doraemon finish produced on September 3, 2112.
  4. Doraemon is a lucky number 1293. This can be seen from some of the data about Doraemon, namely: Doraemon has a weight of 129.3 kg and 129.3 cm tall. He can run up to 129.3 km / h when scared and jump 129.3 cm when in danger. Maximum power of 129.3 bhp. Wrist circumference of 129.3 mm. Head circumference and chest circumference was 129.3 cm. Her feet in diameter 129.3 mm. He was produced on September 3, 2112 (12/9/3), in Matsushiba Robot Factory.
  5. The name of a former girlfriend of Doraemon in the 22nd century is Noramyako. He is mentioned in the Bonus Data-Data Doraemon in Tankoubon volumes 11. Noramyako decided Doraemon Doraemon because it was too short for him (after breaking his ear bitten mice).
  6. Doraemon's original paint color is yellow. After knowing that his ear bitten by rats, he is in a depression, sneak into the top of the tower, where he drank a potion labeled "sadness". When he cried, and his voice faded yellow color change due to the potion. Doraemon good at English, and therefore understand the English term "In Blue" which means "being sad".
  7. Doraemon never attended school. According to the spin-off series of Doraemon "The Doraemons", the name of the school of Doraemon is simple, namely Robots School.
  8. The name of the teacher leaders who often blow up, Nobita is Ganari scold. It can be seen in the version that played on Nihon Television.
  9. Doraemon has a sister named Dorami. Doraemon and Dorami said brothers because they are both "born" from the same oil tank, and Doraemon "born" in advance of Dorami (2 years older), so he called a "brother", then Dorami also hired by the family after Doraemon Sewashi , so he called a "brother."
  10. According to the data, Dorami greater than Doraemon. Dorami able to produce an energy of 10 000 horsepower, please compare with Doraemon that can only be issued for 129.3 horsepower.
  11. Dorami actually not directly appear in the family Nobita, but Nobita family of great-grandchildren, great-grandson at age 22 that is Sewashi. Dorami purchased to replace Doraemon, Nobita sent to accompany. Which has Dorami is Sewashi and that sends Dorami (and Doraemon) also Sewashi. Dorami usually sent to replace the task of maintaining Doraemon Doraemon Nobita when is the critical affairs so that he could not accompany Nobita, for example, when he should be in-tune up at the factory.
  12. Doraemon was afraid of mice because of trauma, because the robot ears robot mice also subverted when he naps.

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