Monday, December 19, 2011

Do not do this on your dogs and cats

In Korea, dogs and cats are killed for meat had a long and painful death. One method used is the dog strangled to death and burned with torches. There is a myth that does not make sense that when the dog is experiencing fear and stress are very high before they were killed, then taste the meat will be high. So intentionally strangled his victim in front of other dogs. Other dogs will be scared to be boiled and chopped sick cats may now make "cat juice."

dogs and cats
knight cat picture: cats and dogs

Another remarkable business ruthless increased, ranging from the sale of dogs and cats for leather production. Nonprofit animal welfare group Humane Society of the United States estimates that every year two million cats and dogs are innocent beaten, hanged, strangled with wire rope, or blood spent slashed to death, so the skin can be used as a jacket, jewelry such as gloves and hats, or product leather trimmings like a toy.

dogs and cats
knight cat picture: cats and dogs

The skin is easily replaced with a synthetic material that humane. Dogs and cats are bred for their skin in China that is often brought up in a cold barn in the country's north, where the climate is pushing its animal freeze grow thicker coats are more profitable.

Approximately 24 cats and 12 dogs of her life was tragically ended by producing a leather jacket. This product is freely given another label that is as the skin of other species and placed in international markets where they are sold to unsuspecting consumers in a retail store with high prices.

Of course, there's no money that can reverse the unexpected cruelty experienced by animals or money that can restore his life. Several different labeling used to skin a cat is "katzenfelle" and "goyangi," and the dog's skin may be called "Game-wolf," "goupee" or "sobaki."

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