Thursday, December 15, 2011

About Cat: 10 facts and 6 myths

Egyptian_Mau cats

In this time the knight cat blog, will discuss about the cat. There are 10 interesting facts about cats and 6 myths about cats. The facts about cat are:
cat egypt
 knight cat blog : Cats Egypt
  1. In ancient Egypt, killing a cat is a criminal act and punishable by death.
  2. With regular care, cats can live 10 years. There are reaching the age of 20-30 years.
  3. The first cat contest in 1871 at Crystal Palace, London.
  4. Cats burying their droppings in order to remove traces from the enemy.
  5. Cats sleep 16-18 hours per day. Was sleeping too, Cats kept vigil. Try to pat his tail, Cats reacted quickly.
  6. Besides smelling with the nose, cats also have a tool called the Jacobson's second smell. Organ is located on the top surface of the mouth.
  7. Cats can not taste sweet.
  8. Servings of meat eaten by cats, equivalent to 5 rat pups.
  9. Pregnant women avoid contact with cat feces, because it can affect the health of the fetus, even miscarriage.
  10. Comparable year old cat with a human 18 years. Cats 10 years comparable to humans 60 years.
black cats

Then there are also myths that growing about cats. 6 myths about cats are:
  1. Black cats are believed to resist black magic.
  2. Tabby cat 3 colors (Three color) brings hockey.
  3. Cats with 'socks' on four legs like the letter V is called a cat god.
  4. Cats do not want to be photographed. If you photographed the cat will die.
  5. Siamese cat with blue eyes are very sensitive to magic.
  6. In West Java, hitting the cat to death, the carcass should be buried, so that the rider not had the misfortune.

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